python-simples3 - Fairly simple, decently quick interface to Amazon’s S3 storage service

License: MIT
Vendor: Vortex RPM
daemonize is a library for writing system daemons in Python. It has some bits
from It is distributed under MIT license.

Simple, quick Amazon AWS S3 interface

simples3 is a fairly simple, decently quick interface to Amazon’s S3 storage

It grew out of frustration with other libraries that were either written too
pragmatically (slow), too bloatedly, or just half-done.

The module aims for:

- simplicity,
- decent speed,
- non-intrusiveness.

It really is designed to fit into programmer memory. The three basic
operations are as easy as with dictionaries.

Out of simplicity comes no dependencies - the code relies solely on Python
standard libraries.

simples3 requires Python 2.5+ and nose for running tests. Python 3 support
is not yet available.


python-simples3-1.0-1.vortex.el6.src [18 KiB] Changelog by Ilya Otyutskiy (2015-12-20):
- Initial packaging.

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